8.23.5 2015

Fourth upon a time...

Harriët, Eva, Kitty, Nadja

Along with traditional and contemporary watercolour art The Nordic Watercolour Museum (Nordiska Akvarellmuseet) has a special focus on picture storytelling for children and young people.

Fourth Upon a Time... Harriët, Eva, Kitty, Nadja is the fifth exhibition with this theme in focus.

Here we encounter four artists and picture book creators from four European countries. They all have a deeply personal visual language and create narratives that challenge and cause one to marvel. In the exhibition, the artists will present their books, but also completely different sides of their work. They have chosen to work together and let their different worlds collide and meet in new art, new pictures and new stories.

22.9 2013–16.2 2014
The picture book in new guises

31.1–14.3 2010
ART, COMICS, LIFE – Contemporary Nordic Comic Strips

1.5–13.9 2009
Elsa Beskow

12.2–9.3 2007
The picture, the child, the tale